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Previously Employed by MCSD?

Past employees looking for W2 or paystub data may still log into Employee Online using your e0 number. For any other assistance you can contact Customer Support at 706-748-2271.

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Parent or guardian of a student(s)?

To access MCSD applications, you may use the account that was created to access the Infinite Campus parent portal. Using your parent portal account will allow us to stream line your students data into custom apps, saving you time.

Forgot your password?

Current employees can use the Password Reset Tool to modify your domain password. Parents and guardians can reset your password from the Infinite Campus parent portal. External accounts will need to use the External User Password Reset Tool to reverify their email address. If you require additional assistance, please contact the customer support center at 706-748-2271.

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External Community Members

You may create an account to access any public facing MCSD applications by using the link below. Please adhere to the MCSD electronic access guidelines to avoid termination of your account.

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