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College and Career Academy

This magnet program provides transportation!

The College and Career Academy extends the concept to all students at the JVHS CCA. Students become a member of a small learning community upon entering the Freshman Academy as a ninth grader. The freshman students will expand their learning capacities while exploring 17 different career paths. The students continue their career pathway as a sophomore by entering either the "School of Industrial and Engineering Systems"or the "School of Technology and Human Services". The completion of the career pathway can result with an industry credential recognized nationally. The students can apply and experience Dual Enrollment (Columbus Technical College and Columbus State University) or Internships and Apprenticeships as a junior and senior. The students graduate with with real world experience and opportunities for post secondary participation depending on the student's interest.

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Timothy G Vinson, CEO COLLEGE CAREER ACADEMY - 7067482819
Ryan D Hutson, HS PRINCIPAL - 7067482819
Duane A Wizzard, HS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - 7067482819
Tammy Joliene Zitzelberger, HS COUNSELOR - 7067482819


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