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The Columbus High School Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet offers a student the opportunity to pursue a strong college preparatory program through an interdisciplinary, integrated curriculum. Based on an innovative liberal arts model, a student is afforded the opportunity to receive intensive academic instruction in all academic areas. The curriculum is designed for the student who is willing to work. Each student is evaluated and encouraged to take courses that will stretch his ability to his highest level. The classes are coordinated to challenge each student and to teach him time management strategies as well as study skills. In addition to the rigorous academic curriculum, the student is encouraged to develop leadership through extracurricular activities; physical fitness through athletic participation; community and cultural awareness through field trips and community service; and social skills through participating in planned social activities. The liberal arts graduate is a well-rounded young adult ready to excel in college. All Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet students entering the program as 9th graders must earn a total of 28 Carnegie units. Students are required to take one course each year in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All students are required to complete and pass AP World History AND at least one additional Advanced Placement course, during their four years, in order to graduate from the Columbus High Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet.

Students must reside within Muscogee County or on Ft. Benning to attend Columbus High School.  

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Mary Elizabeth Hood, HS TEACHER TECH MAGNET COOR - 7067482534


Ka'Mya Monaee Smith about 6 months ago
    Hello, I applied for Columbus High School's magnet program, but on the Magnet Program website I am not seeing an application. I recieved a letter and did test in January. Does this mean I wil not receive my magnet results today?
Mary Elizabeth Hood about 6 months ago
Good morning, All decisions for all magnets in the district will be available at 5pm today. You will get an email from the application system when the results are available.
Afsheen Siddique about 6 months ago
    When should we expect to hear about the results?
Mary Elizabeth Hood about 6 months ago
All Magnet decisions will be published in the Magnet application portal at 5pm on Friday February 19.
Saori Murata Proctor about 10 months ago
    My son is applying CHS this fall. I have a couple of questions and I appreciate if you could help me how this process works. - I understand the exam is composed of three portions. Do you usually give information on past exams so that students can prepare themselves for the test? If you could provide some advice how to prep for the test, that would be helpful since I don’t have any ideas. - My son will be taking the exam as a transfer student. (He is currently in 9th grade) Will he be taking the same exam as 8th graders or will the 9th grader exam be different test? - I heard that you will be hosting a virtual open house. Do you have time/date for this event? Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Best regards, Saori Murata Proctor
Mary Elizabeth Hood about 10 months ago
Transfer students have the same test but the essay prompts are different. We do not share information from our tests or provide preparation materials. We will be be hosting Zoom Question and Answer sessions. Those dates will be published on our website and in the Application portal.
Heather Ashley Gilbert about 10 months ago
    Hello! My daughter will be entering into high school next year and I've heard great things about COH. I would like more information about testing and applications. Thank you!
Mary Elizabeth Hood about 10 months ago
The Application process uses the MCSD Magnet Application portal which opens October 28. Our testing dates are November 14, 2020, December 5, 2020, January 16, 2021, and January 30 2021. The exam consists of 3 parts: Reading, Math, and Writing. Each portion of the test lasts 60 minutes.

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