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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

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The G.W. Carver High School STEM Magnet Program is a program designed to equip our youth with the skills needed to be proficient and prepared for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce. Integrating the four composite areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will ensure that our students are analytical thinkers, problem solvers, and data collectors. With personalized learning opportunities, STEM students will learn to work collaboratively on complex open-ended tasks. The STEM Magnet Program is a rigorous, project-based program which offers courses and pathways to prepare students for STEM occupations. Students are able to choose a track program (Technology, Medical Science, or Advanced Mathematics) that they feel fits them best to follow throughout their high school career. The Technology program allows students to explore the concepts of either Engineering or Cybersecurity, through the applications of problem solving skills in their mathematics and science courses. The Medical Science program allows students to explore different concepts of Healthcare and various sciences. The Advanced Mathematics program allows students to utilize critical thinking and problem solving in the various mathematic courses and Agriculture. 

In our STEM Magnet program, our magnet students are given opportunities to earn college credits while also receiving a high school credit, through the choice of taking Advanced Placement courses held within the school or Dual Enrollment courses with Columbus State University, Columbus Technical College, and Georgia Military College. 

Students in our program also have the opportunity to apply for the Work-Based Learning program held within the school their Senior year where they are able to earn a high school credit, while working a job in their pathway or an internship within their pathway.

G.W. Carver High School is a partial STEM Magnet program, therefore we are only able to accept 50 students for the upcoming freshman class. Since our program is heavily based on Science and Mathematics, we are looking for students that excel and have interest in those areas, as well as be well-rounded students. Each student that is interested in our program must fill out a magnet application and write an essay, while we focus on report card grades, current Science and Mathematics teacher recommendations, attendance, and behavior.

Due to the sequencing of classes, we are not able to accept rising seniors. 

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