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Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy is the first total magnet school in Muscogee County School District with an engineering focus. It is located in one of the most appealing school sites within the district. The school continues to make commendable academic gains and is known for a climate and culture that fosters positive family and student relationships.  Our educators are dedicated and committed to “bringing out the very best in every student”. Our students work collaboratively in a diversity welcoming learning environment and we are honored to have strong Community Partners that enhance the engineering experiences.

The school intends to welcome its inaugural engineering class in August 2021. All students will participate in integrated magnet theme classes in which they will be introduced to engineering concepts. The creative application of math and science principles to solve problems will be embraced through the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum and the school’s engineering lab.  These principles encompass a growth mindset, perseverance, critical thinking, inventive thinking, real-world applications, and ideas to change the world. Dynamic  partnerships help to empower students with the necessary skills to prepare them for higher learning and the workforce.

If you are a parent interested in applying, please utilize the Muscogee County School District’s online application process. Students will be accepted based on previous grades, attendance, and conduct.  All student applications will be reviewed by the school’s magnet committee. Once accepted a student / parental commitment contract requiring a “C” average, good attendance, and satisfactory conduct will be required to maintain enrollment in the school.                         

Magnet Mission:                    

Our mission is to explore engineering excellence by building upon each scholar’s strengths and interests using collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

Magnet Vision:                       

Our vision is to provide engineering experiences using an inquiry-based curriculum that embraces student creativity and teaches critical thinking and reasoning skills.

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