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Fine Arts / STEAM Integration

This magnet program provides transportation!

 Wynnton Arts Academy is a Fine Arts Magnet School featuring an innovative program in which content and standards from the fine arts are integrated with core subject curriculum standards. All students K-5 participate in drama, dance, music, and visual arts instruction each week with additional specialty class, STEAM Club, robotics/coding, and performance opportunities. 

Wynnton Arts Academy has started the journey to become a Georgia STEAM Certified School. Students will be immersed in cross-curricular lessons with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Arts integration raises student achievement and increases engagement and motivation while cultivating multiple intelligences. The arts promote self-discipline, creativity, and the confidence to succeed - We are the ARTS in STEAM!

We will hold a Magnet Open House in the auditorium on Wednesday, December 6 at 10:00. Please visit wynntonartsacademy.com for more information. 

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Jacqueline Mumpower, ES PRINCIPAL - 7067483147
Deborah R Hughes, ELEMENTARY MAGNET COORDINATOR - 7067483147


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