Arnold Magnet Academy Middle School

Math, Science and Technology

Arnold has long been known for its pursuit of excellence. We are recognized throughout the community and state as a leader, an innovator, and a place where students learn and excel in all aspects of education. In recognition of Arnold's exemplary performance the state of Georgia has presented Arnold with over $300,000 in Pay for Performance Awards and its highest honor, the Georgia School of Excellence Award. Arnold Magnet Academy, a math, science, and technology magnet, is continuing the Arnold tradition of excellence. Over a quarter of a million dollars in new technology and the integration of curriculum through math, science and technology provide our students the opportunity to be more than well prepared for any high school program.


Stacy S Day, MS PRINCIPAL - 706-748-2436
Robert R Ogburn, MS SECONDARY DEAN - 706-748-2436

Columbus High School High School

Liberal Arts Magnet

The Columbus High School Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet offers a student the opportunity to pursue a strong college preparatory program through an interdisciplinary, integrated curriculum. Based on an innovative liberal arts model, a student is afforded the opportunity to receive intensive academic instruction in all academic areas. The curriculum is designed for the student who is willing to work. Each student is evaluated and encouraged to take courses that will stretch his ability to his highest level. The classes are coordinated to challenge each student and to teach him time management strategies as well as study skills. In addition to the rigorous academic curriculum, the student is encouraged to develop leadership through extracurricular activities; physical fitness through athletic participation; community and cultural awareness through field trips and community service; and social skills through participating in planned social activities. The liberal arts graduate is a well-rounded young adult ready to excel in college. All Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet students entering the program as 9th graders must earn a total of 28 Carnegie units. Students are required to take one course each year in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All students are required to complete and pass AP World History AND at least one additional Advanced Placement course, during their four years, in order to graduate from the Columbus High Liberal Arts College Preparatory Magnet.


Priscilla Boswell, Coordinator - 706-748-2534

Early College Academy of Columbus High School

College Dual Enrollment

Early College Academy of Columbus (ECAC) is an excellent school located in the heart of the historic district in Columbus, Georgia. Our beautiful Waverly Terrance campus has been a part of the community since the early 1920s. It features an open courtyard overlooking a picturesque landscape with tall, green palm trees. This school is what many students would call home with its intimate and inviting atmosphere as well as the welcoming staff who knows every child by name. Established in 2006, Early College Academy of Columbus has a proven track record of high academic achievement and student success long after students graduate. Students attending Early College Academy who participate in the Dual Enrollment program attend either Columbus State University or Columbus Technical College. The program covers tuition, books, and lab fees at no cost to the students. Depending upon the specific courses or program of study, there may be some minor costs not covered (such as a welding jacket for students in the welding program, a stethoscope for students in the medical field, etc). However, because early college attendance is the primary focus of Early College Academy, transportation to and from the college campuses during school days is provided at no cost to families. Students passing Dual Enrollment classes earn full college credit hours toward the degrees of their choosing with no impact on future financial aid. This means students participating in Dual Enrollment who are eligible for the Hope scholarship, the Pell grant, or other financial assistance can still receive their full amounts despite already having accrued college credit hours. Early College Academy of Columbus caters a positive learning experience for the committed learner. Over half of our junior and senior students are dually enrolled each year at Columbus State University or Columbus Technical College where they take college classes.  In fact, Early College Academy of Columbus has the highest number of dually enrolled students in Muscogee County School District. Also, for those students not dually enrolled, Early College offers them the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses such as AP Literature, AP Language, AP Biology, AP Human Geography, and AP Calculus. Over 43% of the student body has taken Advanced Placement courses in addition to their dual enrollment coursework.


Michael R Forte, Principal - 706-748-2948

East Columbus Magnet Academy Middle School

Gifted and Talented

The East Columbus Magnet Academy for Gifted/Talented is a rigorous program to extend the middle school curriculum. The goal of the magnet is to advance the learning across the curriculum as well as to extend the curriculum beyond the program of the regular student. The SPIRIT of East Columbus stands for Students Progressing In Rigorous Individual Talents. Students can excel in a program that is especially designed to enhance individual talents in developing leaders of tomorrow. Students are provided with extensive use of technology to allow for research, video conferencing, and telecommunication to prepare them for the future.


Traveika Hunter, Coordinator - 706-565-3026

Fort Middle School Middle School

Service Learning Academy

The mission of Fort Middle School is to promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of our students in a safe, challenging environment so that they become confident, self-disciplined, productive members of a global society.


Jessica Bowling, Coordinator - 706-569-3740
Sonja L Coaxum, MS PRINCIPAL - 7065693740

George Washington Carver High School High School

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

The Carver High School Integrated Math/Science/Technology Magnet Program is a rigorous college preparatory program for students with an interest in the areas of math, science, and/or technology. The goal of this program is to provide a strong, hands-on, individualized curriculum. This curriculum prepares students to be successful in mastering the challenges that they will meet in the future. The students are provided with state-of-the-art technology, which enhances their academic achievement. This advanced equipment includes computers, graphing calculators, CBL's, laptop computers, etc. Carver Magnet students are extremely successful in their post-secondary endeavors, including university, military, and professional careers.


Shannon M Floyd, Magnet Coordinator - 706-748-2499

Hardaway High Magnet High School

International Baccalaureate Programme

The Hardaway International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of highly motivated secondary school students. It currently exists in 101 countries around the globe, and just over 1,000 schools worldwide. It may be offered only at IB-approved schools. The IB curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, an exposure to a variety of viewpoints, and inter-cultural understanding among young people. The program offers courses such as: IB World Literature, IB 20th Century World History, IB Biology, Discrete Topics, and a course offered ONLY in IB Schools - Theory of Knowledge.


Ashley Snow, Coordinator - 706-748-2766

Jordan Vocational High School High School

Muscogee County Career Academy

The Industrial Technologies Academies extend the academy concept currently followed in the Construction Technologies Program into the Metals, Automotive, and Drafting/Design Programs. The overall program is offered at three levels allowing students to choose from job entry level, midmanagement, or upper level programs that lead to a college program in engineering and architecture. All students take a minimum of one semester of a foreign language and drafting/design. The upper level program leads to a College Preparatory and Tech Prep Diploma Seal. The three level approaches allow students to focus on a variety of career paths and post-secondary options.


Rhonda D Lloyd, HS SECONDARY DEAN - 7067482819
Craig J Fitts, HS PRINCIPAL - 7067482819

Kendrick High School High School

Academy of Communication Arts and Design

In the Academy of Communication Arts and Design, students will gain fundamental workplace skills, technical application skills, and interpersonal skills necessary to enter and succeed in diverse careers associated with the graphic/print communications industry. Academy students will learn about artistic expression, computer operations, graphics and imagery software applications, machinery operation, desktop publishing, photography, camera equipment/digital electronic printing, image assembly, offset processes, print journalism, teamwork, problem solving, and communications skills necessary in today’s modern graphic/printing communications facilities. Students in the academy will also investigate career options through internships and work-based learning. Students will gain experiences in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development through participation in SkillsUSA.


Orithius Hardge, Coordinator - 706-565-2960
Lyndsey S Redondo, HS TEACHER DCT - 7065652960

Northside High School High School

Engineering and Biomedical Science

The Northside Biomedical Science and Engineering Magnet program partners with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to provide a rigorous and innovative curricular education. The hands-on, project based engineering and biomedical science courses engage students on multiple levels, expose them to areas of study that they typically do not pursue and provide them with a foundation and proven path to college and career success. The PLTW curriculum is founded in the fundamental problem-solving and critical thinking skills taught in traditional career and technical education, but at the same time integrates national academic standards to create a model for 21st century learning. The Biomedical Science program allows students to explore the concepts of human medicine and are introduced to topics such as physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health. The Engineering program applies science, math, technology, and engineering to encourage problem solving complex, open ended problems in a real world context. Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not just getting the “right”answer.


Denise Fuller, Coordinator - 706-748-2920
Martin Richburg, HS PRINCIPAL - 7067482920

Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts Secondary School

Performing and Visual Art

Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts is the newest addition to the Muscogee County School District. Nestled in Midtown Columbus, Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts is a school for the visual and performing arts that currently serves students in grades 6-11. Twelfth grade will be added during the 2019-2020 academic year. Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts provides students an opportunity to experience a college preparatory program that features rigorous advanced honors courses and arts programs for grade levels 6 – 12 respectively. Our magnet programs include: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Classical Piano, Classical Guitar, and Creative Writing. Students who are enrolled in the middle grades program (grades 6-8) enter on an arts exploratory basis. These students will select an arts focus area while participating in other arts area electives in addition to their core courses providing a well-rounded experience in the arts. Admission to the high school program (grades 9-12) is based on an audition performance, interview, and academic criteria to acquire a diverse perspective on the candidate’s fit for the magnet program at Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts. When accepted to the magnet program, each high school student will declare an arts area major.


Weldon Briant Williams, Principal - 706-748-3360
Erica R Witzke, HS SECONDARY DEAN - 7067482000

Richards Middle School Middle School

International Baccalaureate Programme

The International Baccalaureate Program is a program of advanced study in all core academic areas designed to meet the educational needs of high-ability and high-achieving students. It also includes a full year of foreign language instruction during each year of the program along with enrichment area studies such as music, art, and technology while emphasizing the connectivity of all areas. As the name suggests, the IB program is used in countries around the globe. In the Muscogee County School District, three schools are IB schools: Clubview Elementary, Richards Middle, and Hardaway High. These schools enable a student to enjoy a total IB educational experience while attending elementary and middle schools on the same campus and attending high school a few blocks away. However, students from any elementary school may apply for entry into the Richards IB program, and students leaving Richards will be prepared for any high school’s advanced instruction.


Kimberly Casleton, Coordinator - 706-569-3697

William Henry Shaw High School High School

Mass Communication Academy

The mission of the Shaw High School Mass Communications Academy is to develop in young people the critical skills necessary to succeed in the world of mass communications and mass media through extensive coursework in journalism, video production, digital design, and print media with an emphasis on students continuing to post-secondary education/training. Expanded course offerings will include video production, writing for media, announcing, graphics production, news reporting, media law, business advertising, speech/forensics, and internships with media related businesses. The MCA curricular vision includes attractive opportunities for students in every subject area designed to enhance student skills in written, verbal, and broadcast communications.


Taylor E Kinkade, HS TEACHER MASS MEDIA - 706-569-3638

William Henry Spencer High School High School

The Academy for Computer Science and Game Design

The Academy of Computer Science and Electronic Game Design is a combination of Advanced Placement and computer science courses dedicated to attracting and retaining diverse learners who seek to gain college and real world experiences while completing their high school requirements. Students and parents will agree to devote their high school career to pursuing rigorous academic classes and a computer science pathway that will result in students graduating with options to continue to postsecondary education and/or begin a career within the technology industry.


Sean Myers, Coordinator - 706-683-8701
Rosa G Patterson, Assistant Principal - 706-683-8701